Steven Stark began composing at the age of 15 and received his first professional commission at the age of 17.  He began writing songs at the age of 19, cofounding the OKC college art pop band The Empty Suits while also earning his degree in music composition from Oklahoma City University.  After a stint in Austin, TX, playing both as an electric cellist with Paper Airplane and as a solo artist, he returned to Oklahoma City and joined the rock group The Fellowship Students.  He has also toured as a guitarist and cellist with The Starlight Mints and the Lovely Sparrows. 

As a session musician Steven has recorded cello and guitar tracks for numerous artists including Green River Ordinance, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Steve Burns, David Hodges, The Starlight Mints,  Ben Rector,  Graham Colton,  Emily Hearn, The Lovely Sparrows, Bronze Radio Return, and many others.  Steven is also a frequent live performer, playing for events, weddings, and as the principal cellist of the Oklahoma Haydn Festival Orchestra. 

As a composer he has received many commissions and performances by professional and educational organizations including Edmond Memorial High School, Edmond North High School, Belle Isle Middle School, Summit Middle School, Crossings High School, the Enid Symphony Orchestra, and more. He has also scored two films, including "Daniel" by director Jason Cooper and the documentary "Where Did The Horny Toad Go?" by Jar of Grasshoppers productions, featured at the deadCENTER Film Festival in Oklahoma City and the Arizona International Film Festival.

In 2019, the combined Putnam City high school orchestras commissioned Steven to write a piece for their December trip to London. The result is “Electric Evening”; a driving, melodic piece written to reflect Oklahoma’s turbulent, dynamic weather.

As a songwriter and recording artist, Steven has released several solo albums. His latest two albums are Country Wrong Turn and Wandering, Woven World released in 2017 and 2018 respectively. He also released a new single, “Talking Tears”, in the Spring of 2019.

Steven also has a pop band called Noonish Moon. Check out the tunes everywhere you listen to music!

Steven is a student of all eras of songwriting and seeks to cross-pollinate this art form with his background in classical composition.